Staff Spotlight – Angela

Angela has been working at CAPS since December. Angela is the 10th child out of 16 kids. She was born in Jersey City, NJ. She has 2 girls and one boy, and 6 grandchildren. She completed high school with a GED and has training in Peer Support, med tech, and CNA. She loves to advocate for people and says “It is a passion of mine.” As a service administrator she greets people at the door, helps them with their intakes, prays with them, and looks over the intakes to see if they qualify for services from CAPS. If we cannot help them at CAPS, she refers the clients to other organizations and resources that meet their needs. 

She advocates for people with disabilities to help them get their SSI, Medicaid, or any other assistance they need. She works with Wawa to distribute food to people who need it. Angela helps people get to their appointments sometimes too. When she is not doing all of this she is with her family.