Staff Spotlight – Alexa

Please meet our lovely Alexa! Alexa has been at CAPS for 6 months and became an intern in May. She serves mainly as our director’s assistant, but does many different tasks around the office…. and she does her tasks with excellence. 

She found us while searching for volunteer opportunities for a class at ODU where she got her Bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2023, and she is continuing to pursue her Master’s Degree. CAPS is the first faith-based organization that she has been involved with. We are so thankful that she chose to work with us!

“What I love about CAPS is that they will help individuals and families regardless of their faith. It has been very eye opening to be part of a workplace that embraces a higher calling when striving to face the challenges of helping the community. I began volunteering for CAPS in the middle of their Night Stay Program’s 2022-23 season. At that time, I learned how to assist clients with beginning the application process for emergency rent assistance. I also helped keep track of the number of individuals participating in Night Stay whether they were the volunteers or people seeking shelter. I was and still am very proud of the work that CAPS does to offer assistance because resources like theirs are so limited in the more rural counties like the one that I live in. 

CAPS has helped me by giving me the opportunity to learn how to utilize my lived experience to help others.”