Staff Spotlight – Mary Sue

If you haven’t already, please meet our amazing director, Mary Sue Rawls! We truly love Mary Sue (you will see the art workand notes by staff on her door on the pictures below!) 

We asked Mary Sue to answer a couple questions for us, and to give us a snapshot of why she loves working for CAPS. She reluctantly answered the questions as she is not one to want the spotlight! This is what she said. 

What is your role at CAPS?

I monitor the money and let any of the bucks stop with me.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Leading such a talented team of Christ-loving people!

How long have you worked for CAPS?

I have been involved since its inception, serving as the second Secretary of the Board of Directors, then Treasurer, then coming on staff as bookkeeper in 2018. After the turnover of two directors, I took the position to prevent another long gap in leadership as we were into the COVID-19 pandemic (June of 2020) and the future was unsure. While I have never felt “qualified” for the position of Director of CAPS, it is my firm belief that God equips those He calls into ministry for a season. Using my spiritual gifts of Administration and Shepherding has enabled me to encourage the team at CAPS in prayer and faith, and in assessing the needs of people with compassion and grace. Encouraging the team also in seeing each other as beloved brothers and sisters in Christ has been an honor and a blessing. 

When I was growing up, I never thought of any career other than that of a wife and mother. Despite all my mistakes in life, God has blessed me with three children who love and serve Him, who married spouses who love and serve Him, and who are all raising their children to love and serve Him. To quote the podcast team at, “Raising Christian kids is always a miracle, but never an accident.” People have tried to give my husband, Johnny, and me credit, and we give it all to God. This family, the biggest blessing of my life, will far outweigh any small legacy I leave at CAPS after this season. I pray for future leaders of CAPS to grow the organization way beyond my meager abilities.

While I don’t have any certifications/qualifications, I have been a long-time student of God’s Word, believing that it is the study that produces the most life-changing results in anyone’s life.

To God be the glory.